Responsible Gaming Resolution 2023

Responsible Gaming Resolution 2023

The Committee on Responsible Gaming

Sponsor: Senator Jon Ford

Topic: NCLGS Responsible Gaming and Problem Gambling Resolution

Whereas the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) is an independent organization of elected officials dedicated to non-partisan gaming awareness and education of lawmakers and regulators; and

Whereas NCLGS believes the issue of responsible gaming and problem gambling policy deserves attention in every state

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The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) is the only organization of state lawmakers that meets on a regular basis to discuss issues in regard to gaming.  Members of NCLGS chair or are members of committees responsible for the regulation of gaming in their state legislative houses.  NCLGS does not promote or oppose gaming but is primarily concerned with the proper regulation of the industry.

NCLGS is a proactive participant in educating legislators on gaming issues, in the development of public policy related to state-authorized gaming, and, where consensus exists, in representing the states before Congress and the executive branch of the federal government on states rights issues relating to gaming.

NCLGS is structured to include committees on lotteries; pari-mutuels; casinos; responsible gaming; and state-federal relations focusing on Indian gaming issues, and telephone & internet wagering.

NCLGS meetings provide information on cutting edge gaming issues, such as "sports betting and e-sports" that legislators need to know.  NCLGS programs include balanced panel presentations that offer opposing views.

The NCLGS Foundation is the educational and research arm of NCLGS. The 501(c)(3) non-profit is a source of non-partisan data on issues of gaming legislation and regulation.

NCLGS Bylaws


Spectrum Gaming Group proudly serves as Executive Director of NCLGS.

Educating State Legislators

Sharing non-Partisan Ideas

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