Association of Racing Commissioners International, Inc.

The Association of Racing Commissioners International, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded in the 1930s to uphold uniform pari-mutuel racing rules and practices. The ARCI serves as a resource for pari-mutuel rulings, including equine medication issues. The ARCI works to preserve the integrity of horseracing, jai-alai, and dog-racing.

North American Gaming Regulators Association

NAGRA was created in 1984. Members are federal, state, local, tribal and provincial government gaming regulators.

National Indian Gaming Commission

Established under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the National Indian Gaming Commission is an independent federal regulatory agency charged with the regulation of Indian gaming on Indian land, specifically to protect tribes from corrupt influences, including organized crime, to make sure it is tribes that are receiving the benefit of Indian gaming, and to ensure that fair playing practices that protect tribes and players are adhered to. The NIGC maintains a list of gaming tribes on its site, searchable by tribe or state.

International Association of Gaming Regulators

The IAGR is an organization of international government agencies responsible for the regulation of gaming in their home jurisdictions concerned with sharing information and resources among each other on issues relevant to the regulation of gaming.


Spectrum Gaming Group proudly serves as Executive Director of NCLGS.

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